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Here at ACI, we are a small, family-run business… and we like it that way. Keeping things small and close-knit allows us to work directly with our customers and to be hands-on with the quality of our work and to ensure your needs are met to the fullest extent. 

We started out of the driveway/ home garage and even then we were able to show our customers a level of quality and customer service that we were proud to stand behind. Ask any of our customers from that time and we’re sure they will tell you that Joshua was able to do more in that driveway & garage than most are willing to do in a fully equipped shop! 

Aside from the ACI Family’s joint passion for automobiles in general, we found common ground on a joint love of European Vehicles, which is where we have chosen to focus our expertise to be able to provide support for an often overlooked/ undersupported market of vehicles. But don’t worry, our focus may be on European Vehicles but our doors are open to all Makes and Models as one of the founding principles of ACI was to never turn down someone who needed our help. There is no job too small or big, and no one customer/ vehicle more important than another. We are here for you.

At ACI, we pride ourselves on quality, honesty, and not only customer service but ensuring the best customer experience possible. If you’re looking for a new forever home for all of your vehicle’s needs, give us a call and Go With ACI!

Meet The Team

Joshua Isley

Service Manager/ Lead Tech/ Shop Foreman
As a kid, Joshua grew up with his father working on big trucks and doing work on cars with his business. As he got older, Joshua thought he wanted to do other things. At 16 he was given/bought his grandpa’s 1983 C-10 Silverado package. It needed some TLC, but the deal was he’d do all the work and fix it up. Due to this, Joshua took Autotech in high school for 2 years, and in his senior year, he was bitten hard by the bug to get be a tech. After graduating in 2006, Joshua didn’t really have a plan yet, as most 18-year-olds don’t. His dreams and plans of joining the marines got snuffed out due to medical problems with his ears so, in January of 2007, he started to check out tech schools and found ATI in Virginia Beach. After a tour of the school, Joshua enrolled as a student in February 2007. After 12 months and 2 days in tech school, Joshua graduated and started his career as a tech. Fast-forward to 2016, he started as a VW tech at a local dealer and took off with his VW/ Audi passion and by 2020 he was fully certified and hybrid certified on pace to be an EV Tech to prepare for the future of automobiles. Unfortunately, those plans didn’t fully pan out and he parted ways with that dealer. Soon after, Joshua was approached by Arul and the pair approached Charles about starting their garage, and thus ACI was born in 2022.

Arul Ganesh Angamuthu

Managing Partner
Arul is a huge fan of VW/Audi and BMW! He has always wanted to have a very competitive business to help car enthusiasts which will be easy now that he has joined hands with Joshua and Charles. Arul hopes to have fun and provide excellent and honest customer service, while helping push customers in the right direction to reach their goals for their cars. His current build is a Stage 2 Audi RS3 with motorsport suspension/ chassis setup that he runs in GRM UTCC and SCCA Time Trials. His favorite track is Virigina International Raceway in Alton, VA. Arul looks forward to building a BMW M3 CS XDrive in the future, but his favorite cars are the Audi RS3 LMS TCR and the BMW M4 GT.

Charles Knight

Managing Partner
Since he was a kid, Charles has been a fan of anything fast…cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, etc. Always curious about how things work, he would often disassemble machinery in order to reverse engineer how they operated. His first fast car was an abandoned and barely running 1967 Mustang 289 Automatic rescued for $500 out of a field when he was 16. It was driven out of the field and directly to his house. The next morning his dad, uncle, and himself discovered a family of field mice who’d taken up residence in the car. With lots of used parts, shade tree wrenching, and help from others, the car was dependable, solid and quick. He definitely wishes that he’d kept that old car. From then until now, he’s bought many other project cars. Some were great and some were a bust but, in the end, it was all a blast. The opportunity to partner with two friends and fellow gearheads doing something he’d always dreamed about makes Charles very happy. While our motto is “Go Fast Ain’t Cheap”, we will deliver honest and excellent service to our customers. That is our commitment to you.

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